Boutique Firm

Private Office is structured to serve exclusive international families and covers the main areas of life: wealth, family and lifestyle. At Millésime we innovate by offering transparent and personalized solutions without traditional asset management.

Millésime Woman: consulting services designed for women: financial planning, legal and
investment advice, retirement planning and education. We accompany every woman towards
her goals in every step of their lives and whenever they need it.

Millésime is an independent specialized firm promoting sophisticated strategies, personalized
and agile solutions, prioritizing, above all, discretion and confidentiality.

+ 10 Years

experience in international wealth, succession and financial planning.

4 Languages

We provide services in Portuguese, English, French and Lithuanian


Specialized consultancy and planning for women.


Holistic view of your onshore and offshore wealth

Private Office


  • Financial & Investment Planning
  • Investment Advice
  • Retirement Planning
  • Global Tax Efficiency
  • Philanthropy


  • International wealth & succession planning
  • Global family strategy
  • Trusts & Estates
  • Family Governance


  • International Concierge
  • Worldwide Relocation
  • Acquiring and holding luxury assets
  • Risks & Insurance

Private Office

We act as a centralized advisor coordinating key aspects of your life and preserve your legacy.

We deal with most complex family situations, therefore, we keep our business logical, clear, and transparent. We built a company to serve you no matter where you are without
compromising the sophistication of the solutions.

We stand here to help you to plan, build, preserve and outgrow the rest locally and internationally.

  • Location

São Paulo, Brazil

Vilnius, Lithuania