Personalized wealth planning for women.

Millésime is a boutique office founded by a woman with a mission to provide wealth planning consultancy covering different needs: financial planning, legal and investment advice, retirement planning and education. We accompany every woman towards her goals in every step of their lives and whenever they need it.

You already know the importance of planning and organizing your assets. What you may not realize is that women face unique life situations that can make investing in their future especially challenging.

By understanding these issues, you can be better equipped to plan, build and protect your assets and legacy.


We share information in a way that treats you respectfully as an individual and answers your
questions. From basic financial management to estate planning and complex investments – we
are at your disposal and on your side.


We elevate your financial knowledge. We don’t give orders. Instead, we know your needs and your goals. We work with you to learn where you can (and should) be, and guide you as you make the decisions to get there.


First we learn and assess your current situation, your personality, financial behavior and approach to risk. We don’t push, but we help you understand – allowing you to make confident decisions for your future success.

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São Paulo, Brazil

Vilnius, Lithuania