An integrated and at the same time independent structure, in order to offer personalized, agile and high quality solutions.


Our service is not limited to a simple product, it is an experience provided through a careful and personalized process.

We do not work with algorithms, targets or mass services. We leverage deep industry knowledge, international connections and proven strategies.

Plan | Evolve | Protect

This is our three-step process and our promise to provide a better wealth planning and asset protection experience. It serves as a guide for how we keep your values, needs, concerns, and hopes at the forefront of everything we do—from the big picture to the smallest details.

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Step 1

Together, we explore, understand and clarify your life and financial goals.

Step 2

By extensively researching and applying evidence-based strategies, we set all the wheels of your holistic estate plan in motion.

Step 3

Through ongoing analysis, advice and education, we help you stay on track and protect what you’ve built.

Areas of Expertise


Complete and integrated asset and succession planning to respond to the needs of international clients.


At Millésime Law we seek to align the client’s objective in wealth planning with legal intelligence.


Professional support in the specific demand of each client in wide range of areas. Selection an coordination of the services of the most reliable and reputable partners locally and internationally.


An association of a new generation to support: development of the legal and financial planning profession, informative events to the clients, educational events for heirs and constant research of innovative new solutions.

  • Location

São Paulo, Brazil

Vilnius, Lithuania